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Have successfully finalized the registration of two new products, Physiomanna Lax Depur and Physiomanna Fibra which manufactured by iuppa industrials s.r.i an Italian company which will be launched soon.

Physiomanna Lax Depur

Physiomanna LaxDepur is an innovative dietary supplement made with Pure Fraxinus Manna, which promotes intestinal transit with a painless, quick and delicate action.

While promoting the removal of catabolic, endogenous and exogenous toxins, LaxDepur helps to purify all the body.

Physiomanna LaxDepur can be taken without any risks. It’s not irritating, not cariogenic and has zero glycemic index ( optimal for diabetics ).

It’s suitable for everyone and especially for the most delicate subjects such as: intolerant, poly-treated, hyperglycemic, celiac, diabetic, hypertensive, dyslipidemic, elderly people, childrens and pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Ingredients: Fructose Mannite and Pure Fraxinus Manna (10%)

Free of: excipients, preservatives, dyes, additives and gluten


Osmotically, it draws water into the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.

De Plus:

  • no gut irritation.
  • no addiction.
  • no abdominal contractions.
  • pleasant taste, slightly sweet.
  • suitable and safe for the most delicate people.


  • Purify and detoxing the body.
  • Promoting the removal of  toxins.
  • To have good and regular transit.
  • In presence of hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulae, fecal Impaction, irritable bowel. syndrome, diverticulitis and colitis.

To be assumed ways:

  • Dissolved in hot or cold drinks.
  • Eaten just as it is.
  • As ingredient for making desserts, instead of sugar or with it.

Physiomanna Fibra

 Physiomanna Fibra promotes weight control and bowel regularity.

Fibra is our dietary supplement perfect for restoring the correct frequency of evacuations and to be used while in low-calories diet, and for those who are suffering of dyslipidemia and diabetes.

It’ s made with Pure Fraxinus Manna and the soluble natural fiber such as glucomannan.

Physiomanna Fibra is free of contraindications and suitable for everyone and for delicate subjects as poly-treated people, hyperglicemic, intolerant people, hypertensive, diabetics, dyslipidemic, people with celiac disease, pregnant women and obese people.

Also, the addition of fennel in this product, reduces the presence of gas, bloating and abdominal pain.

Ingredients: Physiomanna from fraxinus Pure Manna, glucomannan, fennel and anti-caking agent.

Free of :   preservatives, dyes, additives and gluten.

Indications: weight control and to regulate altered intestinal functions.

De Plus:

Monodose, high efficacy, easy compliance, does not cause allergic reactions, without sodium.